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Information regarding "Kernel Code read party" on 14th, July as YLUG activity.

Dear all

  This is an information on a YLUG's activity. Actually, YLUG intends
to hold a meeting of "Kernel Code read party" on 14th, July. 

  This time, there is no description about joint working with TLUG. If 
you would like to particpate it, please visit following URL. .
The registration system is available.

  But, unfortunetely, due to some delay of this information, NO seats 
seem to be there maybe, therefore, you might have to stand whole 
time of meeting. According to their information, more ten persons 
can be acceptable. It seems to be better for "on diet" persons, to 
participate this "tough" meeting.   And,  for "Heavy Speakers of 
Japanese" as well.  

  Regarding login keys of above URL,  below are available.
   "kernel24001" for meeting.
   "pizza24001" for NOMIKAI.
Unfortunetely, there seems to be no English version of above.

1)Date: 19:00-21:00 on 14th July 2000 (Fri.)
2)Place: SHIBUYA Mark City 17F
             Meeting Room named "Sun Bridge Venture Habitat"
3)Seats: 50 for reservation (+ more 10 persons acceptable.)
4)Fee:  500 Yen each for something to eat and drink.

5)Topics: Regarding Linux kernel 2.4 mainly.
6)Material for meeting: See below list.
   (Japanese Only.)

7)NOMIKAI(Pizza Party.)
   - Place : Same with meeting.
   - Fee : 1000 Yen each for something to eat and drink.

 Thanks & Regards. Corp.     
 My Special Item : Teach myself  in Java in 16 hours.   
                            - Only meeting inside Hotel ^^;)

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