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Re: tlug: Can you believe this?

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott M Stone <> writes:

    Scott> hmph.  If I was Microsoft, I'd make my own linux distro and
    Scott> then try to dominate the industry from three angles - NT
    Scott> server, desktop OS, and UNIX server/desktop.  Their Linux
    Scott> product might take some sales from NT, but overall sales
    Scott> would still be higher.

Bill has been there, done that.  Remeber Xenix?

I doubt that MS will ever make a big Linux play, at least not as long
as the OS and the app divisions are a single company.  MS's whole
culture is antithetical to the Unix philosophy.  I doubt they could
make a good Unix product, even starting with an existing Linux distro
(say, buy SuSE).  Their play on Linux would be on the app side,
porting IE and Office to Linux.

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