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RE: tlug: RMS and Amazon...

I'd have to second Steve Turnbull on this one, Scott.  Software
patents are a bad thing for the world at large, although a good
thing for the person who holds them.  I don't think a boycott is
going to discourage Amazon or anyone else from suing to
enforce theirs, but throwing a tantrum is one way of calling
the public's attention to the need to stiffen or eliminate the law
in this area.

If I threw a tantrum, you would be spot on with your criticism
(except the bit about the LSD, since I've never taken that
one).  But people are more likely to notice when Stallman
throws a wobbly, so it's a reasonable move in his case.

Things are moving fast in the industry and in the law; it's
perfectly plausible to assert that the courts or the legislature
are dead wrong on an issue like this.

My two bits anyway.

Frank B
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差出人 : Scott M. Stone <>
宛先 : Tokyo Linux Users' Group <>
日時 : 1999年12月15日 3:01
件名 : tlug: RMS and Amazon...

>Just saw the story on Slashdot about RMS's call for a boycott of
> because they're suing based on a software patent -- not because
>of any abuse of patent laws, but simply because they're trying to enforce
>one.  I swear I'm going to run RMS over with my car (the saturn, not the
>rx7 :) ) if I ever see him in a crosswalk, pedestrian right-of-way be
>damned.  That guy has so little clue in his LSD-addled hippie pin head
>that it's amazing he was ever able to get emacs to compile at all.

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