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Re: tlug: dot forward & procmail

Thank you so much for all your replies. It looks like I have to post my
problem to this maillist to get it solved.

>>>>> "JB" == Jonathan Q <> writes:

    JB> RH 5.2 would have come
    JB> with an older version of sendmail, 8.8.something, I think.  
    JB> The 8.9 series has tightened security even further [...]

This is true. I have 8.9.3 now, and it uses 'smrsh' to execute
external programs. It can only execute those in /etc/smrsh
directory. So, putting


into .forward and typing

$ (cd /etc/smrsh; ln -s /usr/bin/procmail .)

solved the 'sh: procmail not available for sendmail programs' problem.

But my old string "|IFS=' '&&exec /usr/bin/procmail ||exit 75 #vik"
which worked perfectly for RedHat 5.2 (sendmail 8.8.something) doesn't
work any more.

>>>>> "SC" == (Simon Cozens) writes:

    JS> Do you not need some spaces in here?

It didn't change anything. As I understand it, now sendmail executes
programs in some sort of 'restricted' shell which doesn't know all sh

>>>>> "JS" == John Seebach <> writes:

    > Still trying to live without learning sendmail...

    JS> Well, I can't blame you there, [...]

What actually upsets me in all of it is that moving from RedHat 5.2 to
RedHat (well, Mandrake) 6.0 looks like moving from Sun to Solaris, or
Solaris to HP. So many changes! My aim is just to have a working
computer, that's it!

Thanks again.

Viktor Pavlenko \\\ IMRglobal Tokyo
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