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Re: tlug: Gnome virtual desktops

On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Manuel M. T. Chakravarty wrote:

> Using Netscape with Java and Javascript turned on (which is
> the default of course :-/  just calls for trouble.  So
> switch it off.

  Why on earth didn't I think of that?  Thanks for the tip. Done.

> If your are using Enlightenment, upgrade to E 0.16, but
> anyway, E is in _deep_ beta - so, WindowMaker, as Scott
> suggests, is much more stable.

  I didn't realize that Enlightenment was even a beta version.
Why is it installed as the standard manager with RH6.0 then?
Doesn't seem like a great choice, does it?

  Let me append a quick non-strictly-Linux-related hardware question,
if I may.  I have what I thought was a pretty good 17" Eizo monitor
(was Y 60,000 or so two years ago).  It seems to have developed a
serious defect: a right-left rapid twitching of a few millimeters,
that occurs sporadically, but is really maddening, of course.
Is this repairable or am I looking at a new monitor?  And if so,
what do you recommend - obviously another Eizo is out of the question.

Dennis McMurchy, 
Sointula, B.C. / Tojinmachi, Fukuoka
Canada           Japan

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