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Re: tlug: Information

On Mon, 23 Mar 1998, Domenico Carlucci wrote:

> I didn't have time to check the recent e-mails, but 
> I read somewhere that some money were needed to keep 
> this bulletin alive or something like that.
> Is this true?
> Could someone tell me what to do?
The mailing list and the home page are not in danger.
We are in the process of expanding services for members to allow
more mailing lists, e-mail, personal home page, and our own TLUG domain.
We will take up a donation for a hard disk at the next meeting.
The donation is optional.  

If you want to donate a "small" amount of money and don't plan on coming
the meeting, we can work out a procedure.  Donations in the past
have been about 500  yen per person.  

Right now the major expenses for the group are hardware, domain
and bandwidth.  

Someone remind me to pay Ken Harada back for the 21,000 yen
that he loaned TLUG.


soon to be:          
Business: TWICS - tel 03-3351-5977  e-mail

Next TLUG Meeting: 11 April Sat, Tokyo Station Yaesu gate 12:30
Featuring Tague Griffith of Netscape i18n talking on source code
a word from the sponsor:
TWICS - Japan's First Public-Access Internet System  Tel:03-3351-5977  Fax:03-3353-6096

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