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Re: tlug: What are your favorite video cards for Linux?

On Sun, 22 Mar 1998, Scott Stone wrote:

> The STB Velocity 128 or Diamond Viper V330 (the Riva128 cards) are what
> I'd pick (I did, actually).  I can get you the Diamond card for $139, it
> comes with 4MB ram, it doesn't need 8mb (the Riva chip is optimized for
> 4mb, no more, no less - 8mb would be wasteful overkill, according to
> nVidia).  Fastest 2D card in the world, among the top 10 in 3D, and it
> does hardware mpeg at something like 50-60fps in 1152x900 full screen on
> my K6-200.

Scott, does your video card share an IRQ with anything else.  Mine does
and I have yet to get it working correctly with Xfree86.  I am now using
the old Suse driver, because that at least allows me to use X, but without
fully taking advantage of the card's speed.  I have tried upgrading to
the new Xfree 3.3.2 (?? the newest) and never got it to work.  I had seen
lots of talk about this card in various news groups about the fact that if
it shares an IRQ, then you are out of luck.  That is my case.  

So I guess my question is does your card share an IRQ, and if it does 
what is the exact specifications of your X set-up.



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