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Re: tlug: Net Day

Uc^ida Masatomo wrote:

>  If we craim charge, what is the difference between NT server and Linux
> server?

People tend to quote out of context for economy.

NT is produced by Microsoft. the private company.
Linux is produced by the internet community. the NPO.

Free or not,  in the accounting point of  view,
there  is nothing so different.
They have to do some accounting which produce the balance sheet and
statement of P/L and make some annual reports to shareholders/mambers.
Free or not, in the user point of view,
there is nothing so different as long as the work according to user's spec
is accomplished.

So I think what is different is:

the private company tends to seek incomplete competition to maximize their
So in case of Microsoft, they never allow source codes to share with public to
their profit.
So I believe if Netscape communications continue to dominate the browser market,
they will never share Netscape source codes with public.  They just venture their
to compete with Microsoft by partially going Linux way.
Linux seeks no incomplete competition to maximize no specific profit.
By doing so it increases market scale or social infrastructure.

So I think what is important is:
Everyone has access to the information of how operations are run.
Free or not is secondary thing as long as users know how the cost is estimated.
If profit is made in one project, how it is used to support the other.

So significance of NPO act is that it could be alternative way of  doing business

rather than the current way of profit seeking by pursuing incompete competiition
by private enterprise.

So I would like to ask if you are willing to be incorporated under NPO act
which is currently a law?
Again I feel it is difficult to make some revenue besides donation if it is
not incorporated in order to fund a net support  public institution
like libraries for free or even support market research.


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