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Re: tlug: /bin/bash

Hello, everybody.

 Even though I can't answer bash problems, I can answer about the other

Rafael wrote,
> 		My kernel is 2.1.79 and I'm using RedHat 5.0
> By the way, has someone noticed that the FAT access on this kernel
> version is with bug? I mean, it's impossible to compile it?
 According to my vague memory, you cant't compile late 70 kernels
in condition 'CONFIG_FAT_FS=y'. This problem was solved in earyly 80
 The latest kernel is 2.1.88. I advise you to use this kernel.
I've already been using this kernel for a week.
 As you have 2.1.79, you need to patch 9 times.
The method is as follows,
 # cp patch-2.1.80.gz /usr/src
 # cd /usr/src
 # zcat patch-2.1.80.gz | patch -p0

After you patched 9 times, start 'make menuconfig' or 'make xconfig'.

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