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Re: Networking at Home

In article <>, wrote:
>I`ve a few questions
> 1. What do I need to set up a decent network ?
>    (I don`t want the null modem cable solution )
>    Network Cards ; Cabling ; ??Hub??
>    Approx Prices would help as well

I bought cheapo Y3000 NE2000 clone cards from A-Master in Akihabara.
Not the best performers by any means, but good bang for the buck.
One plus was that these cards have both 10Base2 and 10BaseT connections.
I'm currently using 10Base2 to connect my machines on my home network,
but realize I "someday" may want to use 10BaseT.

I rate the major advantage of 10BaseT to be its robustness against
stupid users who unplug/unterminate the coax line.  Since the home
network I administer has all of the machines within rolling distance,
this isn't a problem.  As a ham, I'm already comfortable with coaxial
cables and BNC connectors of 10Base2.  (Although you can buy hubs for
<Y10,000 now... it is something that I don't need yet.)

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo  <URL:>
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