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Networking at Home

Hi All ,
I`ll be getting a Pentium Pro at Home soon .

I`ve a Pentium 100 now (running Linux 2.0) .

Now I`ll want to network these 2 machines and
since I`m a Network Newbie (had to put that in ;->> )

I`ve a few questions
 1. What do I need to set up a decent network ?
    (I don`t want the null modem cable solution )
    Network Cards ; Cabling ; ??Hub??
    Approx Prices would help as well

 2. Software
    Thinking of testing Caldera . Anyone using it ??
    Any good ??

Right now , I`m looking into prices as well since the company
will be paying for it (I hope :-) 

Right now , I`m thinking of
    1. Pentium Pro
    2. 128 KB Ram (need it for work )
    3. Caldera
    4. 4GB Disk
    5. CDROM  ( and dat of MO Drive )
    6. High Power Graphics Card (don`t know which )

any suggestions
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