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Re: [tlug] system languag

Hi Thomas,

On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 1:50 PM, Thomas <> wrote:
> On 2015/10/23 11:47, Raymond Wan wrote:
>> By the way, you said that your Windows machine can recognize the
>> filenames? So this is some kind of NAS or shared partition?
> No, No. I mean files send across via Dropbox or on USB memory sticks are
> read fine on separate Linux AND Windows machines.

I see.  In that case, you should probably make a distinction between
files on the USB memory sticks created by another system and Japanese
filenames created within Kubuntu.  That is, you said the former
doesn't work -- I wonder if the latter works?  Can you create a
document using Libreoffice (for example) and save it with a Japanese
filename and then open it back again?

> It does not really matter, since I am probably switching to Mint anyway,
> it is more a question of "principle".
> I get these "minor" but nonetheless annoying problems all the time.
> And in most cases* there just seems to be NO WAY to fix them, making
> reinstallation the only option left.
> At least, if you are not a computer specialist - like me.
> I "had" to do this already a thousand times ... another reason for being
> called "stupid" all the time,
> since, according to the specialists, it is sooo easy fix everything in
> Linux.

I agree with you.  Maybe I know a bit more about Linux, but that
doesn't mean I want to spend time to dig around configuration files.
After all, I have to do other things with the Linux system.

So, there is still an appeal to other systems such as Windows and
Macs.  And one of them is language support.  It'd be nice to select
Japanese in some Language menu and then everything from opening files,
playing music (with Japanese filenames), e-mail, and web browsers all
just works...

Incidentally, on a recent trip to Japan, I briefly contemplated buying
a computer in Japan.  My Japanese isn't that great, but I asked a
staff member at Bic Camera and (based on my limited ability) it
sounded like the latest Windows can switch between languages through
additional downloads.  However, even if you switch to English,
underneath it all, you still have a Japanese Microsoft Windows'
system.  So, there is no guarantee that it can run English-language
programs as well as English Microsoft Windows.  That was a bit of a
surprise to me...I thought Microsoft would have "got it right" by now.
But, I guess there is no incentive for them to...


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