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Re: [tlug] system languag

Hi Thomas,

On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 9:42 AM, Thomas <> wrote:
> The other day I noticed, that kubuntu does not recognize file names with
> Japanese characters in it - and refuses to "do" anything with/to those
> files.
> According to the computer: they do not exist.

I don't use Kubuntu myself, but does this posting help:

Try searching for UTF instead of a specific language like Japanese.
You'll widen your search with Google and might come across something

> In the file manager, the files are listed, including their size.
> The same files ARE recognized on a Mint and an xubuntu system.
> And naturally on my (Japanese) Windows machines.
> I the past I have NEVER had to think about whether I use Japanese or
> alphanumeric characters for file names.
> On ALL computers and OSs I have used.
> This goes along with one more strange behavior:
> Cherrytree DOES work when the system language is set to Japanese, but
> DOES NOT work at all, when language is set to English.
> Is there possibly a solution?
> I somehow have difficulties imagining that nobody else living in Japan
> would like to use English as system language ...

True...but we should consider that people have many Linux variants and
UIs to choose from.  Other users might use RedHat/CentOS (which BTW
seems more popular in Japan when I was working there...or maybe it's
just the people around me at work) or they use Ubuntu but not Kubuntu.
I use Unity, for example.  And no problems with Unity.

Of course, surely at least one person on this list shares your problem
on Kubuntu...

By the way, you said that your Windows machine can recognize the
filenames?  So this is some kind of NAS or shared partition?  I wonder
if the disk partition type has anything to do with it -- it use to,
but I think those problems are now gone with more recent Windows and
(I think) NTFS.

I only use ASCII for filenames of files that may be shared across OS'.
Within any one, I can use Japanese.  I don't recall doing anything
special to my Unity-based systems...I think it just worked from the
beginning.  As the link above implies, you have to set your locale
correctly to one that has been installed -- that always bothers me on
a newly installed OS.


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