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Good morning
The other day I did post this question on the kubuntu mailing list, but
there seems to be "no way out".
Apologies for the cross posting, but I would like to hear the opinion on
this list.

Using (rarely) kubuntu 15.04, 64-bit on a Dell Inspiron 1545.

The other day I noticed, that kubuntu does not recognize file names with
Japanese characters in it - and refuses to "do" anything with/to those
According to the computer: they do not exist.

In the file manager, the files are listed, including their size.
The same files ARE recognized on a Mint and an xubuntu system.
And naturally on my (Japanese) Windows machines.

I the past I have NEVER had to think about whether I use Japanese or
alphanumeric characters for file names.
On ALL computers and OSs I have used.

This goes along with one more strange behavior:
Cherrytree DOES work when the system language is set to Japanese, but
DOES NOT work at all, when language is set to English.
Is there possibly a solution?
I somehow have difficulties imagining that nobody else living in Japan
would like to use English as system language ...
Thank you

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