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Re: [tlug] online storage

Hi Raymond,

Your question sounds to me like ...

I wanted to get a cheap old VW Beetle or Citroen 2CV for something I need to do but I found they don't make them anymore. I can't fix mechanical problems myself and I don't want a diesel. Is there any other solution to my problem?

It leaves me wondering "What is it that you think you need the car for?" ;-)

Perhaps you want to share your actual (=functional) requirements and somebody here might come with with an idea you haven't even thought of.

Is it for backup? temporary, long term, secondary? Is it for data mobility? Is it for sharing?

Is a sudden complete loss of all your data acceptable? How much data is there?


On 16 October 2015 at 10:49, Thomas <> wrote:
Good morning from Hayama
I am sure, this is (again!) a rather uneducated question.

Are there any good "FREE" online storage services out there, that can be
used with BOTH Linux and Windows?
I am using Dropbox and SpiderOak. Dropbox seems to have some "security
To look for more secure things, I found also TeamDrive, but have great
difficulties in getting it
to actually synchronize my files. And often it is sickeningly slow.

Then MediaFire and mozy seem on first view promising, but they offer
"Linux versions" only
for those, who can handle all that high-tech stuff (which is beyond me).

Ubuntu One
Jungle Disk
and a number of other sevrices that pop up on net searches seem to have
been discontinued a long time ago.

Is there anything else to recommend?

Thank you in advance

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