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Re: [tlug] online storage

Hi Thomas,

On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 9:49 AM, Thomas <> wrote:
> Are there any good "FREE" online storage services out there, that can be
> used with BOTH Linux and Windows?
> I am using Dropbox and SpiderOak. Dropbox seems to have some "security
> issues".

The more popular programs are less secure only because there are more
people looking and using it.

So, going down the list of software in decreasing order of popularity
isn't necessarily going to give you more secure software.  Of course,

Anyway, Dropbox works great with Linux and Windows but if you are
concerned about security, you can consider encrypting files before
throwing them in Dropbox.  A bit tedious, but that's probably what you
ought to do for any online storage if you're worried about security.


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