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Re: [tlug] Laser printer for Linux

mID:<20141121211812.2c80ef54@wulfenite.sandslott.intra> =====[ Sex 21
Nov 2014 18:40:51 BRST ]=====
> Not sure whether you just accidentally quoted the wrong passage or you truly missed my point. HPLIP has nothing whatsoever to do with the thing I'm describing in the quote. The point being that no driver is needed for simple printing, as long as you're able to generate Postscript and send packets over the network. I've printed from my smartphone, from Raspberry Pies, &c., all with standard command-line tools and *without* a vendor-supplied printer driver.

I was praising the package for all its functions. Also " JetDirect " the
fancy name for a suite of technologies. ( )

Can you check levels, perform maintenance, scan, send/receive faxes
(where applicable) with your scripts as well? Also, so called "cloud
printing" is inherited into the product (pulling jobs from mailboxes,
etc). No particular effort necessary.


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