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Re: [tlug] Laser printer for Linux

On Fri, 21 Nov 2014 21:37:28 +0900
Raedwolf Sumner <> wrote:

> I suppose I would consider either HP or Brother. I would not buy Canon or Epson.

These two sentences right here pretty much sums it all up. HP and Brother printers are workhorses, with great support for our kind. While I haven't had much experiences with Canon, it's certainly no secret that Epson printers are headaches. Linux or no linux.

An interesting side note: HP (and thus sometimes Brother, since some Brother printers have a feature called "HP emulation") network printers have a feature known as JetDirect. I'm not sure about the whole potential of this protocol, but essentially you can netcat a Postscript file directly to TCP port 9100 on the printer. Which is neat in a number of ways.

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