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Re: [tlug] Tokyo ISP recommendations

On 06/11/2012 12:28 PM, Charles Muller wrote:
I'm moving out of my manshon where I've been for ten years (upstairs
neighbor noise problem) with built-in optical fiber. Most likely I'll be
renting an old apartment and will have to get either ADSL or hikari
fiber installed. Anyhow, I've been out of the ISP loop for a while, so
I'm just curious if any Tokyoites have strong recommendations for any
particular ISP. Prior to 10 years ago, I was using Global Online (one of
their first customers, actually), so I may well give them a call, but I
figured I'd check TLUG first to see if there is some excellent provider
out there that I should know about.



Some local folks report very satisfactory performance from E-mobile wireless connections ... a pretty reliable 7Mbps+ down / 1+ up kind of thing for circa JPY 5,000 / month. The one I know best has line-of-sight connectivity which seems to be slightly more reliable compared to the one I know who is over the hill and through the trees from the closest tower.

Downside is reported problems connecting multiple machines to the router ... sometimes. Network Manager and wicd have both been alleged to cause different problems with the same outcome; no connectivity. Oddly, WIN7 is reported to be connecting fine. YMMV.

I don't know whether an e-mobile contract would also give you walking-around rights that allow you to stay connected anywhere in their service areas at no additional charge.

Hikari fiber was recently invented in our little backwater corner of Ibaraki-ken so we're looking forward to higher speeds (measured in Mbps!) in mid July.


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