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Re: [tlug] Mixi vs. The BBC [KIND-OF-SOLVED]

On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 2:44 PM, Darren Cook <> wrote:
>> I guess you don't like the idea of downloading MP3 files from BBC?
>> That completely bypasses flash....
> I'm talking about the streaming radio (either live, or the programmes
> are then available for one week). The BBC podcasts are a different
> thing: they are just a short programme released once a week or so (e.g.
> the best bits from the radio programme, but without any of the music).

Ah... I hadn't realized that about their music programs!  I always
listen to voice stuff only, and they seem to have many complete shows
(interviews, documentaries, etc.) as MP3 downloads.  But music...
record companies!  Now I get it!  Sorry.  I didn't realize that aspect
to the BBC material.


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