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Re: [tlug] Where to get a "free" mp3 walkman in Japan

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 1:29 AM, Dave M G <> wrote:
> I agree with Nikolay who suggested getting an Android phone, but if
> you're set on having an MP3 player for whatever reason (I have one in
> addition to my Android for use at the gym), then I recommend Cowon.
> I have purchased two Cowon iAudio players.

How long have they worked?  I've been through three Cowon players,
each breaking within months, being repaired, and again breaking.
After two, I still thought it was a fluke, but after three different
models all breaking down in too short a period of time, I gave up on
Cowon.  Granted, these purchases were between three and four years ago
(for myself and a friend).  Maybe they've gotten better?  Or maybe you
haven't had yours for very long?


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