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Re: [tlug] Where to get a "free" mp3 walkman in Japan

2010/10/5 Nikolay Elenkov <>:
> Just get an Android phone.

I want to do that actually.  I use SoftBank, but when I asked about
Android at their Harajuku Omotesando store, the woman at the counter
blinked at me like I'd just stepped off an alien space ship, and the
man she called over for help gave me the evil eye and suggested I get
an iPhone.  When I persisted, he brought out an old pamphlet for an
Android phone, but looked at me like I was requested a Yugo in a BMW

Is there some tie-in between SoftBank and Apple?  They did just about
everything except toss me out on the street when I tried to get
information about Android....


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