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[tlug] debian sarge kernel/module build guide and advice


I was wondering if anyone knows of a short guide for configuring and building 2.4 kernels with grub on debian sarge. So far I've been using
the guide is nice but doesn't cover the debian procedure for mkinitrd.

I'm still missing a few things. I didn't check if filesystem support was built in to the kernel, and I'm getting messages before kernel panic about newer module directories with different names (I can't remember the exact message).
Will the default sarge kernel config from linux-2.4.27-3-386 make a useable kernel with no configuration changes on linux-2.4.27 from So far, it looks like 'NO', but the problem is probably me not knowing how to use debian.  But I found a mirror for the old sarge source, which I will try next.

The background of trying to use an old debian release with an old kernel is that I have a driver for a specific piece of hardware which is written for 2.4 kernels, and debian sarge was closest to the configuration one of the developers had. The device is a six axis sensor with PCI interface.
Manufacturer driver information is here:
I have tested the device with the windows 2000 driver and while the sensor sends data correctly, I had trouble using the provided software.
I think I can't compile the manufacturer's linux module or the alternative module until I set up kernel sources for the running kernel, but I did compile the 2.4 kernel module found here:
However, I think the module won't work properly until the kernel sources compiled against are exactly the same as the kernel the module is used with. I was using kernel 2.4.27 sources on a sarge 2.4.27-3-386 kernel and the module loaded (after being forced), correctly recognized the PCI card, but just sent garbage afterwards.

Thanks for any advice,

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