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Re: [tlug] Mixi vs. The BBC

On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 1:07 PM, Darren Cook <> wrote:
> Ubuntu 10.04, firefox 3.6.10. While I'm listening to BBC radio (iplayer,
> i.e. flash), if I view certain pages on mixi it kills the radio. I've
> not narrowed it down to which pages; and I cannot reproduce it viewing
> the same pages, but clicking around for 5-60 seconds seems guaranteed to
> do it. I've not see it happen with any other site.
> Anyone seen anything like this, or get any ideas? Just reloading the
> iplayer window brings the radio back. I never saw it happen on ubuntu
> 8.04, firefox 3.6.9.

I've have a consistent issue with browser audio on about the last
three versions of Kubuntu and/or Ubuntu.  Typically it works in
FireFox on startup and after an hour or two stops working.  If I then
open up Chrome, it works for awhile, but eventually goes dead in
Chrome as well.  Once that happens, rebooting the system brings audio
back again - for awhile.

But since you mention listening to the BBC, why not download MP3 files
and then you don't have to listen to them through the browser.  You
can download files via this BBC page:


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