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[tlug] [OT] A Question About Degrees

As many of you probably already know, I am currently active duty
military, but eventually plan to settle down in Japan after I get out
of the service.

Recently I have completed an Associates program through Excelsior
College, and am preparing to start work towards a Bachelors degree/

My question is this:

When finding a job in the Tokyo area, how important is the name of the
school that you get your degree from?  The degree program at Excelsior
looks like it will be enjoyable.  A heck of a lot of work, but in
subjects that I want to work in anyway.  However, I want to make sure
that my degree is worth the paper it is printed on when I get ready to
make the big move.  How picky are companies about the school you went
too, and how picky are the immigration officials.

I am married to a Japanese national, so ultimately the employers are
of more concern to me than the immigration officials.


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