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Re: [tlug] Android Bazaar and Conference 2010 Spring

>>> If you don't care much about Sense UI, get a NexusOne while they are
>>> still selling it online. It's practically the same phone and works with
>>> most Japanese carriers. That is unless you have already ordered a
>>> Desire, of course.
Actually was thinking about getting the Nexus One but I was already in
the waiting list for the HTC Desire.
Seems like softbank is spying on me because I got the phone a couple
of days after I sent my first reply to this email :P

> You get a really cool phone with no upfront payment, but considering
> that new, nicer phones will be out in less than a year, the lock-in may
> not be what you want. In that case getting a no-contract phone may be
> preferable.
> If sign up for pakehodai, you get 2200 discount per month, so you end up
> paying 380 per month for the phone. If you use it for the whole 24
> months, you will eventually pay SoftBank 116,815.
The phone is amazing and even though there maybe better phones later
this year, I prefer to pay just about 400 yen more (because of the
discount and all that stuff) since I was already paying the the same
for the internet plan with my old phone (full touch 2... or something
like it)

Anyways, I would like to hear your opinions about this phone (or any
other android phone) since I just started "walking the path" of the

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