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[tlug] google ditching windows and going for open source software


Probably most people on the list have already read about Google moving
all of their operating systems from Windows to Linux or Mac. I gotta
admit I'm jealous. How cool would it be to work in an IT environment
that's pro open source instead of totally subservient to Microsoft..

I'm curious how they are going to do it logistically- of course mail,
web and file servers are easy to migrate because the user won't notice
back end changes, but for the every day users there I wonder how they
are going to roll it out. I guess the non techie end users in sales and
marketing will probably get the MAC OS, but I do remember how hard it
was to get people to stop using Ichitaro way back when. Anyway
interesting development isn't it. Another score for the penguins. 

Scott in Tokyo

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