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Re: [tlug] Where to buy a laptop (was: Is it the hardware or the software...)


> So I'm probably looking for a used laptop, or low end new.
> What's annoying me is that most laptops these days seem to be offering 
> this stupid "wide screen" format (1366×768 resolution), which really 
> just means lots of screen real estate trimmed from the top or bottom. 
> Like this one:
> It's a nice shape and reasonable price for the specs, but don't let the 
> picture on the web site fool you. I looked at one live in person, and 
> there's a lot of frame around the screen.

I bought a PrimePC laptop 7 years ago, while I needed to buy a cheap
laptop with an English-language Windows.

It was a very bad quality hardware, very heavy, getting too hot, with
a cheap plastic casing, oversized power unit, and all the typical
design errors: cooling vents on the bottom side (so bad on a carpet or
my laps), electric plug on the back side (and I damaged it while
tilting the laptop), screen axis attached to tiny parts, ...

I could not use it for more than 2 years. I could afford a Panasonic 4
years ago and am still perfectly happy of it.

So, PrimePC quality may have improved since, but you could also have a
look at second hand Pana stuff:

Nicolas LIMARE                            pgp:0xFA423F4F    

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