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Re: [tlug] google ditching windows and going for open source software

Ai Ling writes:

 > #2 and Step 2 seem, to me, to be palatable to the average user.  Rule #1 is
 > something that a lot of them won't be able to understand--especially when
 > sending a document to someone else will involve an extra step (conversion).

My unit is considering prohibiting sending .doc outside of the unit
because Word has a habit of recording previous revisions internally.
We've had some mild embarassments when somebody found something they
shouldn't have seen in a Word file (typically an earlier version of a
document used as a template, intended for a different recipient), it
seems.  And of course there's potential serious liability if personal
information leaks outside the university.

 > I agree with this, but my point was aimed more at the requirement
 > that local documents be in ODF.

This only matters if there's a need to send .doc format outside of the
unit.  If you have a policy of converting to PDF anyway, it won't be
noticed since ODF is the default.

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