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Re: [tlug] XEmacs vs. Unix

2009/11/23 Curt Sampson <>:

> On 2009-11-23 12:03 +0000 (Mon), Josh Glover wrote:
>> > On 2009-11-22 22:29 +0000 (Sun), Josh Glover wrote:
>> >
>> >> I rsync'd the remote directory to the local one, but without --delete...
>> ...
>> The inode did not change on the local system.
> Oh, never mind. You were editing on the remote system. Weird, but now I
> get it.

Not exactly. Here's the timeline:

1. Edited locally
2. Pushed remote
3. Remote: git mv
4. Pulled local (but without the --delete)

At this stage, both and exist locally. I've still
got open in a buffer. The inode has not changed, nor have the
file contents or mode. XEmacs has no way of detecting that I am an
idiot. :)


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