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Re: [tlug] WAN fail-over configuration in Linux-based router

On Fri, 6 Nov 2009 05:28:11 +0900
Patrick Bernier <> wrote:

> Actually, this way of doing it not only protects you from your ISP going
> down, it also protects you from router failure -- but that's the only good
> reason I might see to go with it, as it's more complicated and requires
> more hardware than going for a single router solution.

I use a self build router running on an a 10y old pc.
In the 5+ years it's doing router work, i had only one
> Well, one more reason might be if you are lucky enough to be running Linux
> on a router with a built-in ADSL interface (I say lucky because that gives
> you easy access to physical line stats and ATM stats for your scripts) --
> it's unlikely you'd have two ADSL ports on such a platform, so you'd need a
> pair if you were going for two ADSL links.

I have a pulsar adsl card in my router and i've to say that it's
really worth it. I have much less trouble with my adsl connection
since i stopped using one of those zyxel modems.
The only draw back of it is, that i have to have a binary only
module in my kernel. Though this will soon change when i get
my hands on a solos adsl card.

			Attila Kinali

Das Internet ist nichts für gute, sozial integrierte Menschen
			-- Lukas Beeler

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