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[tlug] WINE and pseudo-TTY

Hi all,

I've been googling for a while now it looks like what I want to do is not
possible. However, you never know so I'm tossing this into the arena here in
the hope that someone has been in a similar situation and can point me in
the right direction.


I've started doing development work on the Hewlett Packard HP-48GX
calculator. It has, among other things, a serial port and an infrared port
for data transmission to a host computer or printer.

Rather than mess up the machine and have to reset it and restore backups all
the time, I'm using emulators. There are two that I use right now.

X48 is a native *nix application, which emulates the wired serial port by
connecting it to /dev/ttyp0. I can then use C-Kermit to talk to the emulator
by getting it too to talk through /dev/ttyp0.

EMU48 is a Windows application, which seems to work well enough in WINE.
EMU48 also emulates serial connectivity using the usual COM1 etc. ports,
themselves "connected" to /dev/ttyS0 etc. by WINE.

X48 is the better solution in that the connectivity is all there. It and
C-Kermit can Talk directly via the pseudo-TTY. The downside is that X48 is
highly unstable. It locks up at the drop of a hat and you lose everything
you did since you fired it up.

EMU48 is far more stable. However, connectivity is much less flexible (as is
to be expected of a Windows application). It only offers the choices of
COM1-COM4 for the serial ports.


I need some way of getting WINE to map COM2 to a pseudo-TTY.

Simply symlinking ~/.wine/dosdevices/com2 to /dev/ttyp0 removes COM2 from
the list of available COM ports in EMU48.

Any ideas? There's probably something obvious I've missed...

G. Stewart -

What's the definition of a will?   (It's a dead giveaway).

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