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Re: [tlug] Amarok searching/indexing

> From: Josh Glover <>
> >The "Fetch Cover from Amazon" feature
> Yeah, I've found with that option, you have to manually pare down the
> search terms sometimes for Greatest Hits-type stuff. Dunno why that
> is, as simply searching Amazon's music category seems to work pretty
> well. I should investigate an Amarok cover query and see if it is
> doing something brain-dead. It should really be issuing an AWS query
> to the music logical index for optimal results. (Full disclosure: I
> work for Amazon on product search.)

I often use/buy from Amazon and have never had a problem with their searches. The site is well-designed and well-maintained. However, I wonder why Amarok chose Amazon and not freedb to grab that type of information. All my CD rippers use freedb and almost always get it right the first time. Amazon seems to me to be set up for a different purpose.

> Thank CL for mentioning that you were a beer guru; this really got the
> help flowing. ;)

Boy, I haven't brewed anything in a while. I'll have to see about getting together with Charlie and brewing up some bathtub gin or something. Charlie, have you been to any of the brewers' meetings lately? Failing that, we might have to just see if Wayne has opened up that bar the other side of Tokyo yet and hang out over there and get a dyslexic's frontal lobotomy.

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