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Re: [tlug] Amarok 2 sucks (Was: Database frontend in Linux)

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 8:52 AM, Josh Glover <> wrote:
> 2009/5/27 Dave M G <>:
>> Josh et all,
>>> They're working on a new version of Amarok, which breaks most of what
>>> made it awesome
>> Unfortunately, what Josh says is spot on. Amarok 2 is a hot
>> mess of unusable interface, poorly implemented new features,
>> incompatibility with previous play lists, and other problems.
> Someone on the Irish LUG list that I'm on mentioned Mozilla Songbird.
> Has anyone here given it a go? I'd be willing to try it out just so I
> can jettison the last KDE app that I use (not hating on KDE here, it
> is just silly that I need all the KDE stuff when the only KDE app I
> use is Amarok), but it would have to be at least as good as Amarok
> 1.4.

I used Songbird on OS X for a short while but didn't like that it
wasn't a native Cocoa-App. On Linux and Windows though I'd say that it
is great. Unfortunately the Jamendo-plug in isn't up-to-date.


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