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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 7:53 AM, JC Helary <> wrote:
> On vendredi 08 mai 09, at 12:11, Brett Robson wrote:
>> * Apple tie you into the use of Itunes, their products don't appear
>> as a
>> USB drive.
> You can make them do.
> Plus "tie into the use of iTunes" does not mean "forces you to buy
> online".
> I only buy CDs and I have hundreds of them on my machine, managed by
> iTunes but just as well by the Finder.

Exactly.  I've used ITunes and Mac exclusively for two years now, but
like Mr Helary, I just take existing CDs and import them.  I prefer
the Mac/ITunes combination because of its seamless integration, not
because I feel that Steve Jobs will kill me from afar with his deft
use of the Force* in order to maintain his monopoly.

Full disclosure: Like Josh, I am an Amazon employee, so please excuse
the bias, but Amazon's Music Store will continue to be a solid rival
of Apple, keeping all such talk of monopoly a theoretical one.  Apple
and Amazon have a corrective force on each other, I think since Amazon
compels Apple to make their music DRM-free, while Apple compels Amazon
to keep their music cheap and easily accessible (which is still need
sto work on.

* - His turtleneck can amplify the Force across light-years.  ;)

Doug McLean


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