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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

Martin Killmann wrote:
> JC Helary wrote:
>> Edward Middleton wrote:
>>> If mobile devices replace desktops for most applications, and the
>>> iPhone's becomes the dominant mobile device, Apple will become the
>>> arbiters of what software people can use.
>> That's an "if" and an "and" too much.
>> Even Microsoft did not enjoy its monopoly position for very long. And  
>> I am not even talking about geological times here.
> The only market that Apple ever managed to monopolize is music
> distribution, ...

> Apple will never control ... the cell phone market, ...
> ... They don't have the products for a monopoly position ...

Apples actions dictate what they are, which is what I was talking
about.  Their products are clearly capable of taking a monopoly position
as evidence by their dominance in music distribution.

> ...  it's a decision for the best hardware and software engineering. ...
> My iPhone is great for checking websites in the morning train, it plays
> music without hassle, it's okay for mails and a secret feature even lets
> you call people. ..

That is pretty much on par with all current mobile phones.


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