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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

On Fri, 8 May 2009 04:09:59 +0900 
JC Helary <> wrote:

> On vendredi 08 mai 09, at 01:25, Edward Middleton wrote:
> > If mobile devices replace desktops for most applications, and the
> > iPhone's becomes the dominant mobile device, Apple will become the
> > arbiters of what software people can use.
> That's an "if" and an "and" too much.
> Even Microsoft did not enjoy its monopoly position for very long. And  
> I am not even talking about geological times here.

The only market that Apple ever managed to monopolize is music
distribution, and that is not because of some evil genius move by Jobs,
but because the music industry conveniently killed off any competition
like until it was too late. That and Sony missing the mp3
player train and hugging its MiniDisc and MemoryStick too long.

Apple will never control the PC market or the cell phone market, they're
a premium brand and very happy with that position. They don't have the
products for a monopoly position and I don't think this is a goal the
company wants to achieve. The idea of Apple as a big brother in a 1984
scenario is a bit ironic, if you look at how the Macintosh started...

Back on topic, buying a cell phone is not a political statement, it's a
decision for the best hardware and software engineering. (Wait, this is
a Linux forum, right? Donning flame-proof suit...)

My iPhone is great for checking websites in the morning train, it plays
music without hassle, it's okay for mails and a secret feature even lets
you call people. My very non-technical g/f loves hers to death, and you
should have seen her happy dance when it survived a drop into a toilet.

So, it's a good product, it does what I expected it to do, and I don't
think satan has my soul yet.

Martin Killmann

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