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Re: [tlug] Leaving Windows Part 1: Japanese input

From: Niels Kobschaetzki
does pushing ctrl+space, shift+space or alt+space helps to access the

Niels *who never got the hankaku/zenkaku-keys work ;)*

Nope, none of those chords do it. I've been trying to find the
differences in the configuration of this particular machine, but so
far everything seems to be the same as the ones that are working
properly. No problem with displaying Japanese, but I just can't input
it from this one.

Again, this is an example of the kind of things that deter people from
using Linux... I personally configured all four of the machines, and
basically tried to do the same things on each one, but it wasn't
possible to make them come out the same.

By the way, I did make some progress on the other machine with the
almost full disk. I discovered that I can delete components of the
ubuntu-desktop pseudo-package without actually breaking the universe.

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