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[tlug] How to set window title encoding in GNOME et al.?

i18n hackers, please help me out here! (Especially you, B0ti, as this
is at least somewhat GNOME-centric.)

I have been corresponding with a chap named William Poser[1], who is a
Linguistics professor at UPenn, and the author of minpair, Redet, and
assorted other tools. I submitted Redet[2], a regular expression
development and execution tool, to Gentoo's Bugzilla for inclusion in
Portage (BTW Ulrich, I am in the process of getting my spurs back,
under the sponsorship of Stuart Herbert), and my notification to Bill
started a long thread, in which it was revealed that:

- he wrote his doctoral thesis on Japanese
- he has been to Japan several times
- he uses EDICT (of course)

Redet is a very slick Tcl/Tk script that wraps common regex-accepting
programs--such as sed, awk, perl, etc.--and allows you to test regular
expressions against test data in a very hackerish way. I have been
giving him suggestions (heaven help us all, right?) and input on some
of the more bleeding-edge features, and in the course of that
discussion, he posed the following question, which I am now passing
along to this list, because I have no clue about GUI development in
general and window manager / desktop environment stuff in specific.

Quoth Bill:

"You don't by any chance know how to set the encoding for window titles
in Gnome, do you? Redet puts the program name, version, and locale
into the title region of its top-level window. This doesn't work
properly for some writing systems because I write UTF-8 into it, and
it seems to want ISO-8859-1. The top-level window is controlled
by the window manager, not by tcl/tk, so this has to be changed
at a Gnome or window manager level, but I haven't figured out
where that is set, and google has not provided an answer."

I have CC'd Bill on this email. so if anyone with ideas would be kind
enough to reply to all, I will owe you a beer when I finally make it
to Tokyo (my wife and I *should* be moving to Yokohama for a year or
so this fall, God willin' and the creek don't rise, as we say 'round
these parts).



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