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Re: [tlug] Ideas for reasons why an ERRNO::EIO occurs?

On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 10:06:06PM +0900, Zev Blut wrote:

> RedHat Linux 7.3 via TCP for both the client and server and NFSv3.

*chuckle* "Don't do that."

Run it over UDP or go back to NFSv2, watch your problems go away.  We've
been burned so many times by bugs in knfsd ...

> Although, we solved the problem by further tweaking the retry parameter.

No, you _masked_ the problem.

-- Chris
	GPG key FEB9DE7F (91AF 4534 4529 4BCC 31A5  938E 023E EEFB FEB9 DE7F)

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