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Re: [tlug] japanese fonts in ghostscript

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005, patrick wrote:

> ghostscript and japanese fonts are driving me crazy... i have done all
> sorts of reading, and tried a bunch of things things with very limited
> success.
> ...
> Anyway... if someone could please save me from another week of getting
> nowhere and tell me what to do here i would be eternally grateful.
> I am not set on using Mona or any font in particular, truetype or type1,
> it would just be really nice to have one basic font that can handle both
> ascii and japanese chars if that is not too much to ask for.
> Thankyou
> Patrick
You might try printing an example to a file from open office
or whatever works now and see how they do it.  It might be
something as simple as the font path.

Steve S.

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