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Re: [tlug] Hula

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 20:04:43 +0900, Erin D. Hughes <> wrote:
> If you read some of their ideas on calendaring or mail interface you might
> agree  they are not talking anything revolutionary actually the say the want
> the web mail to look like googles.......but it sounds as though there is
> passion behind the idea to make a better mail system. That is what I want.
> Don't you?

No, because I already have something better (drawterm/acme/cal/upas/plumber). 
Besides drawterm, there is plan9port. If you want a liveCD with plan9port, 
there is:  ||
Who needs web mail when you have this kind of access?  *grin*

And so you want to see what I mean? See this as an example:

My 3 year old son plays sokoban on a titech server via a drawterm
session. This stuff works great.

So my replacement for a Hula server is a Plan 9 one. And I don't need
to be concerned about Novell. ;-)



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