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Re: [tlug] Re: Alan Cox's remark at Fosdem

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>>>>>>"Lyle" == Lyle Saxon <> writes:
>    Lyle> It's financial my friend.
>No, it's not.  You said you don't like them, and you gave a plausible
>reason for it.  I don't see anything wrong with taking you at your
>word.  :-)

HaHa!!!  Yeah!  You're right!  I did contradict myself there!

>The other option would be to upgrade your job.  I'm sure you're
>working on that already, but if you're hanging out in the Windows
>world and you do text/imaging stuff, or worse if you're on piece rate
>working on your own box, you're going to be treated as manual labor,
>poor and oppressed.  Mac shops tend to be richer, treat their people
>as "artists", and I bet they pay better.  Sell yourself as an artist,
>not as a Mac person (since you aren't, yet).  If you still don't like
>Macs, you can always quit.<wink>

Now you mention it - the printing company I used to work at had 
different sections - the W-Box section was like the boiler room on an 
old steamship - people slaving away until - and often past - the last 
train with the desk islands so close together that people were literally 
bumping into each other while they tried to work.
    Take an elevator up to the "Creative" floor though, and you entered 
a different world!  People working with twice as much space, plugged 
into headphones listening to music, wearing casual clothes, and all the 
computers were Macs!

...... ssssshhhhsssss..... flashing light bulbs, sparking 
electricity.......  Hmmm..... Macs....  Hmmm.......

>    Lyle> PS Um... were you poking fun of my nickname "Hiroshi" by
>    Lyle> writing it that way?
>No.  I was taking liberties by using your nickname, but not poking fun
>at it.

Oh, okay!  Then Hiroshi is cool.  Lyle or Hiroshi - either way is fine.  
An off-line soul kindly pointed out that putting a nickname into quotes 
is just the proper way of writing it - and not meaningful beyond that.  
Sorry for misreading that!  (The parenthesis have a meaning actually, 
but never mind that right now!)

Ah.... but I don't *like* Macs!  Nevertheless, if I inherit one, I'll 
see what I can do with it!


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