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Re: [tlug] Re: Alan Cox's remark at Fosdem

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>Buy a Mac, get the wealthiest software and drivers there is.  ("Hiroshi"
>Saxon's tastes notwithstanding.)  I mean, XEmacs and Finder on the
>same box, how much better can it get?  (At least on a notebook that
>doesn't have space to install a wet bar!)

Please reference what I said after that:

"Um... wait a second - as I typed the above, visions of myself prowling
around Akihabara looking for dirt-cheap computers came flooding before
my eyes... that's the bottom line maybe - literally the bottom line!
The cheap and plentiful parts of PCs combined with Linux is something I
feel nearly religious about, but I'm not a programmer."

It's financial my friend.  I either use Linux (which I *do* like, in
spite of not being a programmer), or I don't use anything.  *If* I
wanted to buy a Mac I *couldn't*.  It's not an option!  I wish I had the
luxury of theoretically discussing which systems are best - but it runs
far deeper than that for me.  I cheer on Spain and Brazil for this
reason.  For some of us, it's not just the program - it's being able to
do computing in some form, or being completely shut out in the cold.
(Man!  I wish I had a job like yours!  Money *and* time!  It must be
like heaven itself.)

And - while I'm at it, I might as well toss another (light) sorry into
the wires in your direction - I do respect your superior computing skills.

Now... back to the helm of my old and leaking ship.....


PS  Um... were you poking fun of my nickname "Hiroshi" by writing it
that way?  I respect ya man, but I do so fervently wish that you could
be a little nicer in your use of language and quotation marks!

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