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Re: [tlug] Red Hat dropping MySQL

> I installed MaxDB (formerly SAPDB) yesterday and played around with it 
> for a
> while.

did you see the site

  Formerly known as SAP DB, MaxDB is the result of a strategic alliance 
between MySQL and SAP to jointly develop and market an enterprise-class 
Open Source database

> Great admin and development tools (but they require a windows
> platform), and you get something that includes everything from views, to
> triggers and stored procedures and hot standby replication.  The
> documentation is extensive, but unfortunately not too practical.  Its 
> also
> difficult to find howtos on the web.  On Linux you can use the web 
> interface
> or command line admin tools but apparently they are hiddeous to use.

did you see

I also saw:

"The following MaxDB/MySQL interoperability features are being developed 
and scheduled for release in Q1/2004:
MySQL Proxy, which will enable a user to connect using the MySQL protocol 
to the MaxDB server. Thus, the user will be able to use familiar MySQL 
client tools like mysql, mysqlshow, and mysqldump to both databases."

So one could guess that regular mysql control center may work with it in 
the future.

> If anyone has used this for web, I would really appreciate a few 
> pointers of
> how to setup users and integrate into php.

haven't used it no


Happily using M2, Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

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