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[tlug] Anonymous Forum Posting

Dear All,

some companies set up anonymous forums on their intranet where you can
supposedly voice your criticism without being recognised.  Practically,
though people can still figure out who posted it due to the way english is
used.  Has anyone ever heard of a tool that can act like a kind of reverse
dictionary ... ie take a gramatically correct sentence with good spelling
and swap around some bits, so that the meaning remains as well as
introducing some spelling mistakes?

My best idea so far is to enter the sentence into altavistas translation
service and translate in this order: english --> japanese --> German -->
english.  Is guess no one can come up with a one liner to beat this?


Patrick Niessen 
IT-Manager / Planning & Controlling 
Gerling Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG, Japan Branch
ゲーリング・アルゲマイネ保険会社 日本支店
TEL. +81-3-5214-1361 / FAX. +81-3-5214-1365

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