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[tlug] Etherbooting a PCMCIA card?

I may be seeking the impossible, but...

I have a stack of several old Micron notebooks (Pentium 133) that I got for
free.  At least one probably works, and I'm sure I can make at least one
more working "frankenbook" from the lot of them.

Now, what I would like to do with one if possible is make a thin client
out of it and netboot it over PCMCIA.  Does anyone know of any PCMCIA
NIC that can do this?  

Why, you may wonder, would I want to do something like this?  Well,
just for an educational experience, partly.  Plus, I read that article
a while back about the Microsoft iLoo project at Microsoft U.K. that was
quickly killed when headquarters got wind of it (it wasn't spun that way,
of course, but I think we can guess what really happened).  Anyway,
I thought that a notebook computer on a pull-down shelf in the toire
would be interesting :-)  I know I could install Linux on the disk,
but the thin client angle seemed like it would be fun.  I'd love to
do it over wireless but I won't be greedy; I'm willing to run an
Ethernet cable up the hall and into the bathroom :-)

"No, no!  Get away from me with that straitjacket!  I'm sane, I tell you,
sane as anyone!"

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