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[tlug] IIIMF on debian

Has anyone successfully used IIIMF on linux? 

I was trying to check it out but I don't get any functionality but errors
and segvs.

Trying with the gtk2 input module:
 ** Message: set_sc_client_window
 ** Message: locale ja_JP
 ** Message: im_context_iiim_set_cursor_location
 ** Message: preedit_string context is not initialized
 ** Message: im_context_iiim_focus_in
 Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
 [Switching to Thread 16384 (LWP 5806)]
 0x413cfdf8 in iiimcf_dispatch_event () from /usr/lib/

Trying to run the XIM bridge will give this:
 # httx -if canna
 htt_server not found
 : No such file or directory

I have these debian packages installed:
ii  iiimf-htt-csconv   11.4.1483-1 
ii  iiimf-htt-le-canna 11.4.1483-1 
ii  iiimf-htt-server   11.4.1483-1
ii  iiimf-htt-xbe      11.4.1483-1
ii  iiimgcf            11.4.1483-1

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