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Re: [suse-linux-ja] Re: [tlug] Suse blues-progress?

> Something just occurred to me - this sounds like the situation where I
> use a dictionary and it works fine, but only if the machine is
> on-line.   The test machine I tried that on was on-line at the time I
> tried it... is your machine on-line at the time of your attempts?  

My machine is alsways online via fiber optic.......

> a second - let me test it off-line.  ///  I just tested my Japanese test
> machine off-line and kanji input is working, but I wonder if it's set up
> to update something on-line when you first set it up?  A chess game I
> tried was like that - the first time you use it, it asks to go on-line
> and after that it works fine off-line?  Sort of a case of the blind
> leading the blind here, but we seem to be figuring this out bit by bit.

I am not sure...I hear you guys talking, but not sure what it means 
yet....there were so many different solutions, but you raise one that asks 
what is different about two machines.....since both are using 
Japanese...Hopefully I will know what to do I go into Yast first 
and add things, do I input that bit of code into the terminal?   Do I have to 
change a file as someomne suggestewd.  Am reluctant to try anything since I 
am not sure how to reverse it if it doesn't work.



Paul Arenson

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