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Re: [tlug] Suse blues

Thanks, Stephen.   let me make sure I understand I understand what you
said, which is
partly because I was being unclear....see the very last paragraph of THIS
message to see what i fact, not even japanese mode has given me

    paul> Japanese was not working under this mode--->   ENGLISH mode
    paul>but anyway, I put
    paul> myself back in Japanese mode via the desktop menus, did the
    paul> instatlation of any additional software packages, and then
    paul> rebooted.

    paul> Result, in Japanese menu system, was the same as before.

In other words, the latest installation from the DVD had been in
Japanese, but I then switched to English (which I take it from the rest of
your message
will not destroy my Japanese installation but should not be expected to
work well in Japanese.)

I then added stuff which probably didn't need to be added (following
Lyle's experiment)

    paul> Getting Kana entry in some programs....Space bar did not
    paul> call up the Kanji server, though I have seen at startup that
    paul> it is running.

Stephen>This is very high-level brain-damage called the "POSIX locale".  The
Stephen>problem is that it is _not_ designed for multilingual usage of the
Stephen>kind you want, and I don't know of any distribution that caters to
Stephen>multilingual use.

Ok, the only point here is that I was now back in the Japanese system.
Did I confuse it perhaps?

To chart it--->

1) install  Japanese system (can't recall if it worked now)
2) switch to english for ease of use.  (it of course did not work)
3) switch back to japanese and load some of the japanese software that had
not been loaded when
i installed.
4) but then, even in Japanese I get only kana.

So, I have given up on the idea of Japanese within English (though your
idea below
is tempting--using the comman line). Instead i would like to focus on why
i have not been able to install (first option in the DVD menu). This is
where i will have to employ the pizza and beer and linux friend solution
suggested earlier.....

Stephen>Transparently getting the menu system in English with the Japanese
Stephen>services available is likely to be a little tricky.  What you can do
Stephen>for now is start all your applications that require Japanese input
Stephen>from the command line, and put the line

      export LANG=ja_JP.eucJP

in `~/.bashrc'.

Stephen> (Yes, that's a valid filename in Unix.  The quotes
Stephen>are not part of it.)  This will mean your apps have Japanese menus
Stephen>they support them).  You may be able to get English menus back by

     export LC_MESSAGES=en_US.iso8859-15

To get this to work globally, you would need to put the LANG and the
LC_MESSAGES initializations in "the right place" but this is

The right place?  You don't mean in the terminal?

Do I actually open up the terminal (Konsole) and type

  FIRST LINE  export LANG=ja_JP.eucJP in ~/.bashrc  ENTER KEY
SECOND LINE export LC_MESSAGES=en_US.iso8859-15

Also, regarding  that part in quotes, I see two different quotes (the left
and right look different):

--->[   `~/.bashrc'    ]

Anyway, it sounds like from the rest of your message, IF i can get Japanese
within the Japanese menu system, then switch back to English menus, and
return again to
Japanese menus, I should not do damage, but I should only expect
Japanese to work in the Japanese menu system, right?

Stephen>I gather you've found that SuSE does work when you do the whole
installation in Japanese, no?

I wish it did...that is the wierd thing that i thought was almost a given.
As noted above, it is not only in English menus, but Japanese. Maybe I
will forget Engllish menus entirely for now, just install fresh in
Japanese, take note of things others have said to take note of, re-enter
the stuff Jonathan mentioned
I should add to show what is running on my system and see what is what,
assuming Kanji STILL doesn't work.


Paul Arenson

TokyoProgressive Editor

IndyMedia Japan Editor

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